Art and Literature from J.H. Kimbrell

Coming in time for Halloween 2021

The Bend Hiram Cover.jpg

The train doesn’t stop in Mica Bend, Arizona anymore. The silver mines are played out and the post office is about to close, but there are still people. People who will not be missed if they disappear. A small western town going ghost is an ideal buffet for a clan of vampires working their way across the south west.


Recently widowed and grieving, town marshal Hiram Wells is confounded after two prisoners are found brutally and bizarrely murdered in his own jail. Then body parts are discovered half buried in the desert near town, and his oldest daughter goes missing, driving Hiram on a desperate search for answers that may lie in the pulp stories his children love to read. With time running out, Hiram finds himself caught in a war with an ancient enemy, his resolve utterly tested and his humanity at stake.

He knows he might not be able to save the town, but he'll be damned if he doesn't save his family.