Enter the world of Corvus Rex, a new Lovecraftian novel series by J.H. Kimbrell. An ancient warrior, a monster. Yuri Corvinus has a warning for humanity, but will he fall into the same madness and darkness that he fights?

In 1908, eighteen-year-old Howard Phillips Lovecraft suffered a breakdown from which he would not emerge until years later to become the father of modern horror.


The extraordinary events that caused that breakdown have remained a mystery until now.


Yuri Corvinus is an ancient warrior and an immortal monster – one who needs a storyteller who can listen to his own tales and spin them into fiction. It is the gentlest way to prepare an unwary human populous for a threat so horrific and of such unimaginable scope and scale that all of existence is at stake. But Yuri’s history is full of its own horrors and deeds that young Howard simply may not be able to stomach.

Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's Dream Cycle.